A smart Prague, an intelligent Brno and a digital desert in between? Will the borders be restored if Bavaria and the Czech Republic are not "compatible"? This can not be our goal. How do we want to live and work when digital networking is what we can only imagine today in parts? The DTIHK, key enterprises from various sectors, start-​ups and students are working together to make an intelligent infrastructure tangible. The platform wants to recognize opportunities, find new ways, provide answers.


In the third year of the "Connect Visions to Solutions" contest, we target key companies with start-​ups and students that contribute to an intelligent infrastructure with their solutions. Think big! It is intended to create a business case for both sides and added value for the life of tomorrow. The contest starts in July, when it´s going to be hot!

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Supporting us:

For all finalists of the contest: Direct personal contact with Techstars Berlin during its recruiting phase for the 2019 Accelerator Program!!!

Media Partners:

Main Organizer:

German-​Czech Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Contact person

Lenka Šolcová

+420 732 112 792


German-​Czech Chamber of Industry and Commerce
Václavské nám. 40
110 00 Praha 1

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