Karsten Krämer

Head of Business Development
and Shareholders Relations

Key Topics:

  • Sensors and information
  • Connectivity
  • E-mobility

For PRE, being "the energy of this City" does not anymore only mean delivering commodities.

In order to fulfill our mission to make Prague a good and pleasant place to live, this is what we want to do:
1) Measuring critical parameters in our environment like traffic flows, available parking and pollution; as „if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it“
2) Connecting the sensors with each other and making use of data, like telling people about the closest parking spot (and – as the connection is there – connecting people to fast internet)
3) Making new e-mobility concepts possible and thus further decrease pollution
The partnership between you and us is key to make the vision happen: We will jointly combine world class technology and/or agility of startups with our deep local infrastructure know-how and service provider skills.